Wife of Israeli Finance Minister, Lihi Lapid, Talks Openly About Autistic Daughter

 Lihi Lapid from Facebook

Lihi Lapid from Facebook

Israel – Lihi Lapid, the wife of Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid spoke at a recent Hebrew University of Jerusalem conference and told of how her teenage autistic daughter had helped her to become the person she is today.

Autism Daily Newscast covered the first ever Canada-Israel Autism (ASD) Research Symposium which took place a few weeks ago, here. It was at this gathering of autism researchers and specialists that Lihi Lapid said .

“I don’t know what kind of person I am. I definitely don’t know which kind of adult I am. She made me the person I am.”

She also described her feelings of guilt associated with raising an autistic child.

“Part of being a mother for an autistic kid is feeling guilty all the time for what you didn’t do,”

Lihi Lapid who is a novelist told the audience about her daughter,17 who does not speak. She also spoke about the various therapies that her daughter had inducing horseback riding therapy.

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