‘Week on the Street’ helps autistic child access early interventions

Tom Nasmyth-Shaw

Tom Nasmyth-Shaw

Noah Boswell 4, Llanelli – has received funding from Tom Nasmyth-Shaw’s fundraising initiative, ‘Week on the Street’. Autism Daily Newscast interviewed Tom back in November.

The Llanelli Star reports that Noah will be one of the first children to receive this funding.

The Week on the Street initiative supports early intervention therapies for families affected by autism.

Noah is currently awaiting diagnosis. His mother Laura contacted Tom earlier this year after reading about him on Facebook.

Tom raised a total of more than £15,000.

Laura said that she first noticed that Noah may have autism back in 2011.

“He lacked speech skills and did a lot of repetitive play. He played with a ping pong ball continuously just to hear the noise. Or sat creaking the door for ages. And certain sounds would really upset him.”

The family visited paediatricians, and speech and occupational therapists to try to assist the youngster.

Laura also adds that her son has major sensory issues.

Tom decided to help families affected by autism after his son Jack 4 was diagnosed last year.

Tom told the Llanelli Star:

“I’m really chuffed that we are finally getting things started. We are helping two families so far.”

He then added:

“We are just waiting for therapists to do their observations then we can set up a package to suit their needs.”

The full article in the Llanelli Star can be read here