Walk Among The Tombstones – Predictable

walkamongFormerly a detective with the NYPD, now a recovering alcoholic haunted by regrets, Matt Scudder has a lot to make up for. When a series of kidnappings targeting the city’s worst drug criminals escalates to grisly murder, the circuit’s ruthless leader convinces Scudder to find the culprits and bring them to bloody justice. Working as an unlicensed private detective, Matt sees what the police don’t see and treads where they most fear to. Operating just outside the law to track down the monsters responsible, Scudder stops just short of becoming one himself.

This movie was good but kind of predictable and too much like a CSI show mixed with Taken. They really could have just made it Taken 3. There were no explosions, nothing went BOOM!! at all. I thought TJ was gonna die. I also thought Ray was gonna come back to life too. There was a lot of shooting and people disappearing. There was just so much you could really pick out what was going to happen and very little that was unseen.

I liked Tj and Matt. They were my favorites. Tj may have been brave but he did stupid things. Liam Neeson is good at kicking butt and doing action movies. I still would have liked it better if he had exploded something. I really wish they added more to the movie. I don’t know what just more.