Vote: Alex Schneider competing in Runner’s World cover competition – now placed 15th


 (Credit: Picasa / Robyn Schneider)

(Credit: Picasa / Robyn Schneider)

Great Neck, New York – Alex Schneider, 24,  is severely autistic and  is competing for the cover of Runner’s World magazine. Autism Daily Newscast last reported on this a few week’s ago and can be read here.

The Newsdesk article reports that Alex has now earned a spot on the leader board. He is placed 15th with more than 1,800 votes.

Alex’s mother, Robyn Schneider,  said many of the votes being cast for her son are coming from the autism community.

Alex Schneider and his twin brother, Jamie, both have autism and are pre verbal. Alex ran the 2013 New York City Marathon in only 3  hours 14 minutes and 36 seconds,

Robyn told:

“His behaviors and disabilities can be so crippling … but running brings him so much happiness, it’s made his life.”

Votes only account for 10 percent of the judging process as a  panel of the magazine’s editors will decide the finalist and overall winners, one male and one female.

Robyn told the magazine,

“Running is the sole place that Alex can go where his autism is not front and center. … Running levels the playing field for him.”

Robyn also added that Alex’s story has inspired others and that she has received many messages through social media from other parents whose children have autism. They tell her that Alex gives them hope.

The original article by Tara Conry on the Newsday website can be read here.

Autism Daily Newscast has been in touch with Robyn and first covered this story two weeks ago. You can read more about Alex and his twin brother Jamie here.

To vote for Alex, please visit the Runner’s World magazine website here