Volunteers install backyard fence to protect autistic boy

Holly Watkins and Kyle

Holly Watkins and Kyle

News Brief – Lancaster, Ohio

The fence went up yesterday and the gates were finished today so 9 year old Kyle, finally had his fence enclosing the backyard. Like so many children with autism, Kyle doesn’t realize the dangers around where he lives. He is able to unlock the doors to the house and go outside without others knowing. Besides living next to the woods where he could easily get lost, the home is also next to railway tracks. His mother Holly Watkins says:

“I had been trying for years. Kyle’s so active from the time he gets up to the time he goes to sleep. “When he does get outside, we have to be extremely careful he doesn’t get away. Once when he was 5, he was able to get out and went back into the wooded area. I had to call the police before we could find him.”

Early this September, Watkins obtained permission from the mobile home park to put up the fence but she didn’t have the funds to do it herself.   The community pitched in to raise the necessary $2,500 dollars to build the fence which was completed yesterday by a group of about 20 volunteers. One local lumber company provided the wood at cost and another donate the locks.

Watkins said today,

“I’m very grateful for all the volunteers to come out and help me,” she said. “It’s going to enclose the entire yard.”

Source: Lancaster Gazette