Victoria’s First Lady and Premier Shining Examples of Parenting A Child With Autism

Courtesy Herald Sun Australia  Picture: Tim Carrafa

Courtesy Herald Sun Australia Picture: Tim Carrafa

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – Lady Peggy Napthine, Victoria’s First Lady held her first interview since her husband, Denis, was elected Prime Minister.  The first lady stays out of the spotlight yet is the driving force behind her families success.

The Prime minister, Denis Napthine and the first lad, Peggy have been married for over thirty eight years. Together they had two sons, Edward and Tom. They soon adopted a son, Jack.

Jack was abandoned as a baby and was severely autistic.  He had totally withdrawn from the world.  Through The First Lady’s work with a Respite Home she ran she was introduced to Jack, now age six.

After the first night together, where Jack ran to snuggle in bed with Peggy and her husband, they became a family.  Life took on a new meaning for the entire family.

Edward and Tom now had a new brother. Peggy explains the many challenges with a child that was so withdrawn. There daily struggles.

With Peggy and the Prime Minister’s perseverance their son Jack recently celebrated his thirty ninth birthday as an accomplished artist.  Jack’s art hangs in the Prime Ministers office as a daily inspiration for his father and for all who are fortunate enough to view his amazing work.

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