UPDATE Three teens charged with Ice Bucket Challenge attack on teen with autism

Doing_the_ALS_Ice_Bucket_Challenge_(14927191426)Cleveland — Autism Daily Newscast have been following the story of the despicable Ice Bucket Challenge assault on a teenager with autism in Clevelamd, Ohio, very closely. We last reported on the incident here.

Three teenagers have now been charged in a juvenile court after admitting that they dumped a bucket containing urine, spit and faeces onto the teenager.

Attorneys representing the teenagers apologized on their behalf. The punishment that will be given out is not yet known as the probation department need to prepare a presentencing report.

Attorneys representing two of the teenagers who were charged told that the group of teens involved in the assault did not know that the teenager was autistic.

Attorney John Lawson told that his client takes full responsibility for his actions and someday hopes to renew their friendship.

Robert Gray, the attorney representing the third teen, told that his client used the teen’s phone to record the video clip that later went viral. He told that the teen was aware that there were three buckets on the roof and that one contained bodily fluids.

Mr Gray told of his client:

“He can never undo what’s already been done.”

The original news article on the Yahoo news website can be found here