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October 30, 2014

filmAbu Dhabi, UAE – A new documentary that serves to provide insight into the UAE’s autism community has been well-received by audiences following its recent screening at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.  Autism Daily Newscast first reported on this documentary here.

The documentary, aptly titled As One, is a production featuring 10 children with autism which seeks to shed light into the lives of those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With the film’s newly-minted thespians at the forefront of the project, the movie managed to elicit both a standing ovation and a decidedly emotional response from the audience members who attended the 11am screening.

As many children on the spectrum find it difficult to become actively involved in their communities, the film provided those who participated in it with the opportunity to showcase their abilities and engage with others. As a result, the final product proved to be a successful collaborative effort that helped the young actors to both express themselves creatively and create a film that is helping to raise awareness of an increasingly important worldwide issue.

As JC, the father of one of the participants involved asserts:

“If this film can gain attention and help ensure the younger generations are given opportunities regardless of their point on the autistic spectrum, then it has served its purpose.”

The original article by Chris Newbould on The National Website can be read here


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