UPDATE – Sainbury’s to Launch Trolley for Children with Autism by End of Year

SainsburysCrawley, UK – Maria Box, whose son Ryan has autism, campaigned for safer shopping trolleys in her local Sainbury’s store. She wanted a trolley that could be used for children with disabilities. Autism Daily Newscast reported on this story back in May.

Sainsbury’s has now announced  a brand new shopping trolley for children with special needs, that will be introduced into their stores by the end of this year.

Maria  has been using a prototype trolley at the West Green store since April and has helped with the final design.

She said that Ryan is now safe and well supported when sat in the trolley and adds that she still has to keep an eye on him in case he grabs items from the shelves.

“Using this trolley has also helped to raise awareness of autism. It is a hidden disability. People look at Ryan and don’t think there is anything different about him.

“Now they take a look at the trolley and get an understanding that there could be a reason why Ryan is distressed.

“It stops autistic children from wrongly being labelled as simply a ‘naughty child’.”

15 families in Crawley make use of the trolley in the store and another is on trial in a Manchester store.

Mrs Box writes a monthly column in the Crawley News about life with Ryan, who is five and her article about a shopping trip with him at the store is what sparked the quest for a trolley especially for disabled children

The original article on the Crawley News website can be read here