UPDATE: Hugh Grant appears on stage with actors who have learning disabilities- w/video

Hugh Grant

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Last week we reported on actors from The Great Bean Factory who preformed at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London along side movie star Hugh Grant. The Baked Bean Theatre Company is comprised of actors who all have a learning disability.

Autism Daily Newscast is very happy to share with you BBC News video they recorded on the day of the play. The video features Kate Powell, an actor with Down’s syndrome who plays Juliet in a revised version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Grant told BBC News,

“I am very nervous. I haven’t been on the stage for fifteen years, and I’ve already messed up my lines once today. I wish I had the confidence of the people I’m acting alongside.”

Hugh Grant’s participation was to mark the launch of a book he co-authored with his friend Nigel Hollins. The performance as a raving success and received a standing ovation. Ms Powell appears to have stolen the show and hopes to be able to continue her acting career. Kudos to all 25 members of the Baked Bean Theatre Company who were also on stage.