Update – Girl AGain boutique supports young women on the autism spectrum

Girl AGainHartsdale, New York— Marjorie Madfis founded Yes She Can Inc., which is a nonprofit that aims to develop job skills and job opportunities for young women with autism. Marjorie’s daughter, Isabelle 18 has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.) The first boutique Girl AGain, sells American Girl products and opened in February this year. We reported on this story earlier this year and it can be read here.

Girl AGain is now in the news again and USA Today has now picked up on this exciting new initiative that is helping young omen on the spectrum to gain employment.

The Madfis’ foundation specifically focuses upon yong people graduating from high school  who will not be eligible for federal special education services.

Madfis told USA Today:

“They tend to be unemployed because they have social, behavioral, sensory and language challenges,”

This she continues is problematic as many conventional businesses are not equipped to deal with these challenges.

Sheri Baron who is a clinical psychologist specializing in high-functioning autism, volunteers at Girl AGain and tells of how disheartened she is that many young graduates cannot find work after leaving high school.

Christina Carr, 24 is an intern at Girl AGain.

“Working in a store that you’re very familiar with and passionate about makes the work easier,” she said. “I grew up with American Girl, and still have my dolls. … I like the history aspect because it helps girls understand what it was like to live back then.”

Seth Harrison on the USA Today: Shop helps young autistic women follow their dreams