Two Students with Autism Named Basketball Homecoming Court

Lizton, Indiana, Tri-West High School – Held a unique event on February 7, as it was their Basketball Homecoming game. Life skills teacher Camille Dorrell had to count votes to see who among the student body would be named Basketball Homecoming Court.

Fox 59 news tells that the traditional fall football event was brought indoors for their home basketball game against Southmont.

Camille Dorrell said:

“We’re all in here together where as football is a lot more spread out, we have the parade. Everything is right here.”

When counting the votes Camille found that two of her students, Seth Knox and Kelser Roeser, who both have severe autism would be among the 16 that would get the chance to be a part of the homecoming court.

The article explains how much this meant to the life skills teacher as she helps them on a daily basis.

Both students have been accepted as equals by their fellow Tri-West students and this was clearly evident with being chosen to be part of the Homecoming Court.

You can watch a video of the Homecoming Court and read the full article by Larry Hawley over on the Fox 59 website here