Two Secaucus Companies Work Together Providing Jobs for People with Autism

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

Secaucus – A Secaucus based company, Spectrum Works, began three years ago as a non-profit social enterprise which hires individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Last year they partnered with Green Distribution, a local company who does screen-printing, in providing people with Autism Spectrum Disorders  job training and employment.

Ann Marie Sullivan, the chief executive officer at Spectrum Works, located on Dorigo Lane in Secaucus said in the article:

“We want to change society’s perception that people with autism can’t be valuable members of society,”

Then further added that they just need opportunities.

Spectrum Works distributes promotional items such as mugs, pens and bags now trains its employees to work in the Green Distribution screen-printing facility. Green Distribution employees teach their Spectrum Works partners the ticks of the trade in screen-printing. Hand in hand they load material into machines, use folding machines and package products.

One employee, Chris Rawlins, age 25, and autistic, has been working as a graphic designer since March.

Sullivan said

“He’s as close to perfect as perfect can be”

She then further added:

“We’re lucky to have him. I always know he’ll get his work done.”

The original article by Julie Kayzerman on the website can be read here