Two men from Northern Ireland sport mohicans to raise money for Omagh Autism Club

Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland – Pete Breslin and brother-in-law Kevin McColgan are raising money for Omagh Autism Club by growing mohicans.

The Ulster Herald reports that the two men have been sporting their mohicans since October
and will continue to wear them until Autism Awareness Day in April.

All the money raised by Pete and Kevin will go towards purchasing multi-sensory equipment and toys for the Omagh Autism Club.

Pete is reported in the article as saying:

“With such a close relationship with Arvalee School and Resource Centre, the club’s natural reaction following the fire was to make a donation from funds they had raised. I have a daughter with autism and see the fantastic work done at the club so I started thinking of fund-raising ideas myself and that’s when I came up with the mohican.”

Pete tells of how he shaved his head for a joke but that when he was teased by a few people he decided he could grow his hair to raise a bit of money for the club.

He continues to say:

“I didn’t get too many volunteers but I got Kevin persuaded and we have been growing them since October. We have had a great reaction and more importantly it is raising autism awareness.”

Pete told the Ulster Herald that he hopes in the future ‘Mohawk for Autism’ will become an annual charitable event.

The original article in the Ulster Herald can be found here