Two High School Seniors with Autism Crowned Prom King and Queen

Wendell, North Carolina — Two high school seniors who both have autism were crowned Prom King and Queen last week at Corinth Holders High School.

Fox 8 News reported that the pair do not let their disabilities slow them down.

Classmates chose them to be Prom King and Queen.

Corinth Holders principal Chase Ferrell said:

“Two of the most positive individuals you will come in contact with, always happy, always smiling and it’s just infectious. They’re just radiant and the other students feed off of that,”

Alexis says in the report:

“I was happy. I was so happy, I couldn’t stop smiling,”

Brian said:

“I’m the king of 2014 … Not Brian no more, I’m the King.”

You can watch Brian and Alexis being crowned Prom King and Queen below

The original article posted on the Fox 8 News website can be seen here