May 26, 2015

Editor’s Note: Emma Dalmaayne is a vocal advocate against the use of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). This is the fourth article in the series on this topic. 

As a woman with Autism I find it incredible that a parent would be so foolhardy as to use something disproved by the FDA and not recognised by mainstream medicine on their child.

As a mother to children with Autism I perceive it as abhorrent.

I should be by now well known for my views on Miracle Mineral Solution AKA Chlorine Dioxide and the subsequent injuries to the children it is used on should now be familiar. The practice of putting Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid together to make Chlorine Dioxide then using it enemas and oral solutions to be administered to children is I hope becoming better known as I and other like minded individuals continue to contact media and spread as much awareness as possible on websites, Facebook and Twitter.

The recent Prime time RTE 1 special aired in Ireland did a lot to make the general public more aware and recent media reports including the local Brighton papers reporting on Jim Humble’s planned UK visit to The Spirit of Health Conference have further piqued public interest.

Today I spoke through messages to a mother who is using MMS on her son, she is also using GMCAF.  I became aware she was commenting in a group on Facebook after a friend alerted me to the fact her comments were littered with the words ‘recover’ and ‘parasites’.

I messaged this woman to ask her what she believes she is recovering her child from as he’s not lost sick or injured, he is Autistic. The conversation was both disheartening and enlightening.  It was a first hand look at a parent who is pro actively using this treatment on their child and the gains she feels he will eventually get from it.

“My son used to pull his hair, chew on everything. Spin like wild. Vocal stimms, flap hands and cover ears. Bang his head All that stopped on CD. Just the occasional spin now.”

So her son used to display self stimulating behaviours, oral and vestibular seeking sensory needs accompanied by noise sensitivity but that’s all been driven out now as he has learned to bury those behaviours due to enemas and oral drinks which I have been told burn your throat. Makes sense that anyone would try to stop the very things they are being told is undesirable.

All the above behaviours were sensory seeking, used to regulate, ground and self soothe.

The mother told me,

“It’s behaviours done to calm, and do you know why to calm? Because they are in pain. So much pain that they can’t express, talk, brain not working correct God knows! Heavy metals, toxins!”

None of my stimming has been done because I’m in pain. To regulate and for pleasure yes but pain? No. Meltdowns are due to frustration but that’s not what’s being said here, she’s saying stimming is caused by pain. She’s been misinformed.

MMSThe heavy metal statement worried me greatly as I have previously written an article on Chelation and said so to her a child died due to the intravenous chelators deployed could find no metal to remove from the bloodstream so they removed all the calcium in the child’s body. He was five, Autistic and his parents were misinformed that he had heavy metal poisoning due to vaccinations.

I explained that these people are making money from parents believing they can cure, heal or recover their child whatever terminology they choose to use.

I informed her I have Autism and was told there are worse off then me and on hearing that I have children on the spectrum inquired

“Have you tried healing path ever done any sort of treatment other then therapies?” Also “You don’t notice there are extreme behaviours during or around full moon or new moon?”

I replied that’s another thing trotted out by these so called healers and that we are not werewolves and that we don’t sense a difference, to trust me on that one. Where do these ideas come from?

I told her no I had tried no treatments as my children and I are not sick.

I was also asked:

“Why do you say your Autistic? What do you do? Stimm?”

I said I am diagnosed and proud to be and yes I do stimm as its needed and pleasurable.

I do appreciate some stimms are distressing to see like biting and head banging. The thing is after speaking to people on the spectrum who wear helmets because they head bang. I was told they enjoy it and they wish they could be left to do it in peace.

Obviously that’s dangerous so crash mats and helmets help that, but the point I’m showing here is people on the spectrum enjoy stimming. Self injurious behaviours are brought on by frustration or sensory overload and are quite different. The person displaying will be distraught where as someone stimming will be calm and focused on regulating.

I was also told she’s doing the Son Rise programme.

I offered my help in that I could advise of therapies and explanations but was in the end told,

“There are millions of recoveries. You are weak, you just can’t do the healing you give up easily. You really don’t want to admit that you are weak to help them kids. That everything is costly and you can’t probably afford? God knows.”

On asking where the proof is of these recoveries, photos if these children? Medical evidence?

“But there is healing there’s improvements made even if it’s very slight or mild or short lived. I’ll take it. I will recover my son and you’ll see. Cause I’m a warrior mom, if there was no proof why do they even mention such a thing exists? You never even tried going there, you and your children will never know”.

I sent links showing the dangers and was told her son comes to her when he wants an enema, that without one he’s constipated. I told her that she needs to seek help from a doctor as he should be able to have bowel movements alone unaided. She informed me she has seen parasites and has photos. I suggested she look closer as its bowel lining she has harvested from her son and sent proof of rope worms being proven scientifically to not exist.

In the end she stopped messaging after telling me she pitied me and that her son has enemas to cleanse the colon and goes four times a day,

“Not in pampers. He’s beginning to potty train like a perfectly normal child.”

Her parting statement was that she didn’t know if it was my Autistic side talking or my normal side, but I have to take a neurotypical point of view on this.

It’s tragic to think what this child is going through psychologically and psychically.

A mother fighting a war against her own son’s neurodiversity.

About the author 

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome along with Synthanesia. She has six children on varying degrees of the most spectrum so easily. When she is not writing exposes as an autistic advocate, her days are spent doing sensory play, reading, outings, and taking them to therapies e.g. play therapy, music therapy, speech, and language.

  • Part of me wants to pity this woman she has been so badly brainwashed she can no longer see sense, but then a huge part of me wants her to suffer the same way her son suffers at her hands, why does she hate her child so much, when I look at my beautiful autistic son & see how happy & contented he is i think about these poor kids & it tears my heart to pieces knowing they will never be that happy, they will never feel the love that my son feels, alls they feel is pain & suffering so please i am begging any parent that is doing this abusive, damaging treatment to their child stop before you kill them, see them for the beautiful & precious person that they are & if you truly want to help your child then just love & accept them for who they are

  • Emma,
    Thank you so much for speaking up. You are doing wonderful work. You and other voices like yours have helped me understand, (finally!), that neurological diversity has always been with us, not something to be fought or “cured”, but to be understood and accommodated. I’m now convinced that individuals capable of deep focus and perseverance have made invaluable contributions through the ages – humanity benefits from diversity, and autism is not a disease.
    Autism was not in my schools or neighbourhoods; children with “severe problems” were alien, sent away somewhere, and I did not know how to appreciated the great qualities the remaining quirky ones might have had.
    It’s been 33 years since my first encounter with anyone far along on the spectrum. I was the young carer to a little girl who was ward of the state. Labelled “pre-psychotic” and “pre-schizophrenic” because of her unusual behaviours and referring to herself in the third person – looking back I know she was simply autistic. I loved her and don’t think I did her any harm, but I wish I’d had some knowledge and tools to actually understand and help her at the time.
    Fast forward. Fifteen years ago I got caught up in the anti-vax insanity of “recovery”, and while I still think there is merit to some aspects of programs like Son-Rise, my growing horror at so-called “bio-med” protocols drove me screaming into the rational and ethical realms of scientific skepticism, child protection, neuro-diversity and autistic self-advocacy.
    I think by now I’ve seen it all. Miracle Mineral Solution and that profoundly narcissistic liar, Kerri Rivera might not even be the most abusive. Hard to believe, I know! I promise I’ll do my best to fight for support and protection of the most vulnerable and to promote respect for the voices of people with autism – the real experts.
    Thanks again for all you do.

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