Trey Brand, youngest bowler in Springfield USBC’s history

Photo credit: Bruce E Stidham/News-Leader

Photo credit: Bruce E Stidham/News-Leader

Springfield, Missouri – Richard and Patricia Brand, parents of Trey, 12, who has autism,came up with an idea two years ago that totally changed their son’s life.

Richard told in the Springfield News-Leader article that:

“We were driving by the bowling alley and I asked my wife, ‘Why don’t we just stop and find out what they have for young bowlers,'” he said. “He bowled that first day, and he absolutely loved it. And he hasn’t wanted to leave a bowling alley since.”

Trey is now the youngest bowler in the Springfield USBC’s history to have bowled a perfect score of 300 and has done so twice.

Patricia said:

“He didn’t want to get out of the house. Now, the bowling alley is his second home. He’s comfortable there.”

Patricia says that Trey works to improve his game and watches professional bowlers on the Internet and imitates their stance, posture and throw. Jason Belmonte who is a processional bowler has influenced Trey’s bowling style and is famous for his two-handed bowling style.

When Trey was asked why he throws with two hands he answered by saying that its just more fun.

Earlier this month, Trey and his parents went to the PBA Pro Am competitions held in Shawnee, Okla and Trey was able to meet his hero, Jason Belmonte, who gave him bowling tips and even bowled with him privately.

Trey has also made new friends thanks to his bowling.

Trey will compete at the national level in the Junior Gold Championship July 10-20 in Buffalo, N.Y.

The original article by Jackie Rehwald on the Springfield News-Leader website can be found here