Trekking 4 Autism

Trekking-4-Autism-Logo-copy-2Peter Hosking – lives near Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. In 2012 Peter nearly lost his life in a blizzard. He survived 26 hours on the top of Mount Kosciusko. Autism Daily Newscast reported on this story back in November, which can be read here. Peter has Hugh Functioning Autism

Peter has been in training during the last year, as he is planning to trek from Walhalla in Victoria to Tharwa in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). He is doing so in order to raise awareness for Autism and raise money for Rural and Remote Autism Network

“I want to raise money for Asperger’s and Autism. My cousin is full autistic. I want to raise awareness not just for Autism but also for anyone who wants to go into the backcountry, to be prepared for all weather conditions and eventualities. My intention is to raise awareness for ASD sufferers so the general public see our condition in a positive not negative or “taboo”.”

At present Peter is seeking sponsors, details of which can be found on his webpage here.

Peter is searching for a Major Sponsor 5k:

‘Logo Printed on the back of my back and the two over the shoulder straps
Tent Logo – inside and out
Back of jacket logo and two on the front (over the breast on both sides)
1x Speaking engagement at completion of trek
Logo visible on media releases’

And a Minor Sponsor 2.5k:

‘Logo on the back of pack, Jacket and hat.
Media releases
1x Speaking engagement at completion of trek’


PeterPeter really needs sponsors to help him purchase the rest of the gear needed as well as specialised food  such as the the dehydrated food from Back Country Cuisine.

$5000 AUD have been raised far but more is needed for the Trek to go ahead.

“I have raised about $5000 AUD out of my own cash so far “

Peter really needs a major sponsor to help make the trek a reality.

At the moment Peter will be completing the trek alone although he has had interest so far from two people. However Peter very much wants adults and children who are on the autistic spectrum to meet him at locations along the trek.

“My big thing to get out there for people on the spectrum is to get outdoors. Turn the TV off, leave the phone at home and go camping, fishing and hiking. It has helped me a lot in life!”

More information about the trek can be found on the website
You can follow Peter on Twitter
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and would like more information, you can contact Peter via email