Tom Hanks – one of the genuine good guys, enjoys meeting an autistic fan

Tom Hanks 2008 Credit

Tom Hanks 2008 Credit

Videos of Tom Hanks meeting Sarah Moretti, an autistic teen and super fan of Hanks, went viral over the Internet yesterday, Thursday, Oct. 24, after a link was posted on Reddit. Surprisingly, these videos were uploaded over six months ago in March, 2013.

Hanks, 57 and a father of four, invited Moretti backstage while he was on Broadway starring in “Lucky Guy.”

In the videos (two of which are shown below), Hanks is seen hugging Moretti, looking through a scrapbook Moretti made chronicling his career and signing the scrapbook. Hanks may be a great actor but it is clear that he is sincere and genuine in the videos.

Hanks looks through the scrapbook commenting on many of the photos and says,

“Sarah, this is so great! You know, my mom doesn’t have something like this.”

According to the video description:

“Sarah saved all the things she could find about Tom Hanks over the years. Here he is going through her binder of past memories. He was so gracious to look through it and make a big fuss. Watch Sarah in the mirror! She is delighted. This is an A+++++ guy and she’s a Lucky Girl.”


One of Hanks’ biggest movie hist was “Splash” with co-star Daryl Hannah. As reported in Autism Daily Newscast last month, Hannah reconfirmed earlier remarks  that she was diagnosed with autism as a child.