“Tikko™ Travels” – Helping to Raise Autism Awareness, Part 1

Tikko Dorian Poe

Tikko™ with Dorian Poe, Courtesy of the Poe Family & facebook.com/tikkotravels

Toronto, Canada, Christine and Dorian PoeDorian’s beloved Webkin Polar Bear, is traveling around the world to promote Autism Awareness. Autism Daily Newscast first reported on Tikko™ last October in our short piece “Forget Waldo – Where is Tikko, the stuffed bear travelling for autism?”

Dorian Poe is aged 11 and has autism; he was diagnosed with autism aged 7.

We were very excited and intrigued to hear about Tikko™ and his travels and wanted to learn more about this friendly polar bear and his owner, Dorian. We contacted Dorian’s mother, Christine and we were able to ask her a few questions in order to learn more about this wonderful campaign.

We firstly asked Christine what help and support she received at this time?

Christine told us that from age two through 7 they had minimal support,

” In the pre-school years everyone associated Dorian’s behaviour with that of a spoilt brat. With little tolerance he was kicked out of three daycares, the latter daycare being run by a woman who was very compassionate regarding Dorian’s behaviour. However, with little babies who needed their nap time, she found Dorian too disruptive. As for the other two daycares, Dorian, who was very aggressive at that time (threw chairs, had one-hour screaming meltdowns) wanted to be home with mom. So as soon as he was sent home for bad behaviour, he went out of his way to be disruptive. He was extremely manipulative.”

Christine told that she was absolutely appalled that Dorian was sent home as a form of punishment, she also told us that;

” Years later, he admitted most of the behaviour was on purpose, so he could be with me. The meltdowns however, they were out of his control.”

After Dorian had completed Grade One of school, the family decided that Dorian needed a special needs school.


Courtesy of the Poe Family

These early years of Dorian’s life were and still are, understandably very emotional for Christine. She wanted to share these personal feelings with our readers though, as she wanted to convey that you should never give up hope. She had this important message to say:

“ like Tikko, Dorian is all about Hope, Compassion & Courage….so families should never give up hope because no matter how difficult things are now, these children grow up to do amazing things and change the world for the better.”

We were extremely interested to learn about who had created the idea of Tikko™  traveling the world? You can follow his travels over on the Tikko™ Travels website.

Christine told:

“It was Dorian’s idea.  I told Dorian a story I’d heard about a little girl who wanted to see the world but had cancer, and was too sick to travel.  So people took her teddy bear; passing it from one person to the other, so the bear saw the world for the little girl.  Dorian loved the story, and said, “Mommy, I’d like to send Tikko around the world to raise autism awareness.  But I don’t want people to keep Tikko…I want him to come home.”  Thinking it a lovely idea, I suggested people take Tikko on vacation with them.  That way they could bring Tikko home between vacations.”

This is exactly what has happened. Tikko™  has traveled all around the world.

Tikko London,

Tikko™ in London, Courtesy of Darla Malcolm-Hauraney & Lucy Godinho (The Garden Girls)

The Great Wall of China"Just look how far I've climbed up the Great Wall!!!!"

The Great Wall of China “Just look how far I’ve climbed up the Great Wall!!!!” Courtesy of Ella Hamill

Tikko at the Eiffel Tower

Tikko™ at the Eiffel Tower, Courtesy of Darla Malcolm-Hauraney & Lucy Godinho (The Garden Girls)

Tikko™ has also mingled with celebrities such as Jim Carrey.

Jim, Tikko and Lee-Ann at Jim Carrey’s book signing – Yorkdale Mall – “How Roland Rolls”  2013, phptp credit, LEWS LENSES camera

Jim, Tikko™ and Lee-Ann at Jim Carrey’s book signing – Yorkdale Mall – “How Roland Rolls” 2013, photo credit, LEWS LENSES camera


As well as Jeff Dunham.

Jeff Dunham – Vent Haven’s Ventriloquest Convention, Kentucky 2013  Photo credit Oregano and Friends

Jeff Dunham – Vent Haven’s Ventriloquest Convention, Kentucky 2013 Photo credit Oregano and Friends

Part 2 of our interview with Christine Poe follows immediately and  continues here

The Tikko™ Travels website can be found here

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