June 15, 2014

United Nations, New York – Twenty five Israeli children with autism are being provided with the opportunity to showcase their remarkable talent in art at a new exhibition which opened June 1.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was in attendance during the opening

With the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities taking place this month, children and young adults on the spectrum are enjoying what has become an opportune time to use their work for the purpose of both therapy and creative expression.

Being able to express one’s self is a fundamental human need that those with the disorder often find challenging. Oftentimes both children and adults on the spectrum become anxious, frustrated and aggressive when they are unable to vocalize their needs to family members, teachers and caregivers. However, parents of those who have ASD report that their children often thrive when given the opportunity to colour, paint and essentially put their thoughts and feelings on canvas. A father of one of the exhibit’s contributors asserts:

“With the right guidance and especially the right attitude, Nir can express himself, which shows that he understands a lot more than we thought”

The Israeli government has ostensibly placed a new focus on providing more support for the 8000 individuals in the country who have autism. The Israeli Society for Autistic Children (ALUT) is an organization that has been promoting those ideals for more than four decades.  They acknowledge the importance of art within this context and have revealed upcoming plans to include it in future programming.

The full story with photos can be read on The Times of Israel here.


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