The kind-hearted shop worker who saved Christmas for a young boy with autism

Widnes, UK – We love happy stories here on Autism Daily Newscast and when we read this story about a shop worker saving Christmas for a young boy on the autism spectrum, then we had to share it with you.

Sam, 12, who has autism, received a gift for Christmas from his Uncle, the toy was an all spinning light toy bought from B&M. His mother, Anne Jackson told the Liverpool Echo that her son was transfixed by it. However sadly on Boxing Day the toy stopped working. Due to Sam’s autism, he could not understand why the toy was not working and became understandably upset. His mother therefore rushed to the B&M store to buy a replacement.

However none were in stock.

“By that point I was close to tears, I knew I couldn’t go home without another one.”

This was when shop worker, Michaela Pinder, 24, kindly offered to give Anne the toy that her daughter received for Christmas. She phoned her partner, who delivered the toy to the store.

“She told me they only lived 10 minutes away and it was no problem. As I was trying to say no to her she was already dialling his number and talking to him.”

Anne posted on Facebook about what had happened and how kind the couple had been. She told:

“So many people don’t realise how hard autism is, the communication problems and the incredible sensory needs, so seeing how many people had read the post meant a lot as it is so important in helping raise awareness.”
You can watch a video of Anne and Sam thanking Michaela Pinder over on the Liverpool Echo website by clicking here.