The Autism Channel is Looking to Gain Viewers.

Autism ChanelWest Palm Beach, FL – A new channel is being created at Flying Pig Ranch Studios and it’s coming to Roku’s near you. It is called The Autism Channel and hopes to show the world what life on the autism spectrum is like. 

Started as an idea for cable TV, the channel now has designs on making it’s own network to showcase the unique magic each person on the spectrum brings. As one of the channels creators Jerry Trowbridge told WPTV:

“The more you get involved with autism, the more you get involved with people on the spectrum, the more you realize these are really unique individuals.”

He goes on to add that they are gaining  viewers and that their program “Spectrum At Law” highlights the  many issues that parents of children with autism face everyday. 

“I think our mission is to reflect an accurate view of what the autism community is,” 

Autism Daily Newscast reported back in June about the new show, Discover Your Mind with Cornelius “Bushy” Van Eck, that will premier on August 15, the article can be read here

To learn more please read the original news article on the WPTV News website here