The Aus-Sums Record Their First Full CD!

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Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

Kansas City, Missouri – The Aus-Sums is a band that features original music that everyone can enjoy headed by Brian Smith and Michelle Beedle.

However their main goal is helping children on the autism spectrum. Brian Smith is a father of four and he and his wife, Nancy, know first-hand the challenges of raising a child diagnosed with severe autism. Many of the songs were written with his son, Tristan, in mind. The songs teach about safety, behaviour, hygiene and introduce social stories in a fun and engaging way. Autism Daily Newscast reported on this fantastic band earlier this year and you can read our report here.

Following on from our report  The Aus-Sums are now ready to record their first full children’s CD and will be working with some of the best producers and directors in Nashville to make their new  CD sound great.

The band have now set up an IndieGoGo page and need our help.
They still need to raise $30,000 to be able to record and distribute their  first CD.

Their IndieGoGo page states:

“The songs on this CD will be fun and educational for all kids. However these songs have been made special, to help autistic and special needs kids function at a higher level.”
Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

Brian further adds:

 “I have a 9 year old son that was diagnosed at the age of 2 with severe autism. When we first found out there were not a lot of resources for us to use. My wife and I started studying on our own and helping our son learn ways to deal with the world ourselves. I am proud to say that now, even though he still has the diagnoses of severe autism he is doing great in school. Most people that meet him are surprised to find out that he is diagnosed with severe autism. Even though he still has his moments, he uses the songs we have written as a way to cope.”

“We are making this CD not just to make a CD, but to make a difference in the world of autism.”

What will you get? Lots of Aus-Sum stuff!

Signed Aus-Sum photos, T-Shirts, a personalized song – written and recorded by Brian and Michelle.  The Aus-Sums could even come and perform for you and a group of your young friends.

For more information about the campaign please watch the video below.

The IdirGoGo page can be found here

The Aus-Sums website can be fond here

The Aus-Sums YouTube channel can be found here