Summer camp for children with autism proves to be a source of fun and friendship for campers and counselors alike

Oklahoma – Children with ASD have been given the opportunity to enjoy a summer camp experience courtesy of Grey Squirrel, a facility geared towards providing specialized camps for children and youth on the spectrum.


With an increasing amount of children being diagnosed with autism  every year, the need for camps that provide youngsters who have the disorder with a safe place to play, interact socially and create lifelong memories with other kids has risen. In many instances, children who attend mainstream summer camps become victims of bullying by other campers.  Fred Harmon, the director of the camp states:


“Their main problem is, they’re very, very bright and they get along very well with school work, but they have problems getting along with their peers”


That’s where Camp Grey Squirrel comes in.


The camp creates an environment where campers’ strengths are emphasized and their challenges are addressed, all while they and teen and adult volunteers work in concert to create an atmosphere that promotes learning, team-building, leadership and most importantly, friendship.


Camp Grey Squirrel offers day and overnight stays. Prices range from $200 for a three day period to $500 for an entire week stay with scholarships available for the children of Muskogee citizens.…