Student with autism breaks record for fastest two mile run

runningLong Island,NY – Athlete with autism Mike Brannigan broke the two mile record by completing two miles in only 8 minutes and 42 seconds. This is Brannigan’s personal best and that won’t stop him from topping it. Autism Daily Newscast has written about Mike Brannigan on two previous occasions and you can read his stories here.

As he told news outlet ABC 7 Eyewitness News:

“Running helps me get through life and helps me achieve my goals. I’m very proud…Because I have a coach and I have supporters, and my family and my Northport community.”

Assistant coach Bill Miller told the same news outlet that:

“When he’s on the track, he’s just a phenomenal athlete. Tremendous amount of dedication to it. He’s like a rock legend in the running world, both here on Long Island and around the country.”

And like a true star, there’s the fame that comes with it. Brannigan was recently named Sports Illustrated High School Athlete of the Month.

His teammates couldn’t be happier for him. Teammate James Donohue told ABC 7 that: “He’s doing extremely well this season. We definitely look up to him a lot.” Mike Brannigan has been contacted by over two hundred colleges, helping him realize his dream of running while completing college.

Brannigan also hopes to compete in the Paralympics in Brazil in 2016.

Source: Kristin Thorne on abc 7 Eye Witness news: Long Island high school senior overcomes autism to break records