Stranger pays $485 for class meal at Jose Tejas restaurant

image taken from Google maps

image taken from Google maps

Woodbridge, New Jersey – A group of 25 students who attend autism classes at Matthew Jago School in Sewaren made a trip to Jose Tejas Restaurant in Iselin with class teachers on May 6 to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, reports.

At the time students and teachers were unaware that an anonymous stranger had paid for their meals with a $485 check.

Teacher Jeannette Gruskowski describes what happened after they had finished their meal.

“At the end of our meal, the manager came over and told us our entire $485 bill was paid for by a fellow patron,”

The customer wished to remain anonymous. Jeannette Gruskowski said the patron:

“told the manager she has a grandchild with special needs,” .

Matthew Jago School teaches children who have special needs. Each child had taken their own money to the restaurant to help pay the bill. The money will now be used for another trip.

The restaurant manager described the customer as a frequent patron.

The children created a large thank you card for the donor and staff posted a note on the school website. The thank-you card is posted in the restaurant, where the children hope she will see it.  The card reads.

“Your act of generosity will be embedded in our hearts.”

The original article by Anthony G. Attrino on the website can be read here