State of Illinois will not be promoting Miracle Mineral Solution – w/video

MSS2Illinois – This week NBC 5 news reported that the state of Illinois will not be promoting, Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) that claims to ‘cure’ autism. We have extensively reported on this story, and our latest reports can be read here. Update – Seller of MMS that claims to ‘purge’ autism exposed and Update – Trading Standards closely monitor MMS sales in the UK

A signed agreement was obtained by the Illinois Attorney General’s office which promises not to promote this harmful substance.

NBC 5 have previously investigated Kerri Rivera, an advocate for the use of MMS, which is basically household bleach, and in an interview with them claimed that “autism is treatable,” further adding,  “It’s avoidable. And I believe it’s curable.”

It was after NBC 5 aired this interview that the Attorney General’s office took action.

 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told:

“I understand parents who would be desperate for, you know, some kind of treatment,” Ms Madigan said. “But right now when you’re talking to medical professionals, there isn’t one. And somehow, ingesting what amounts to a toxic chemical, bleach, is certainly not going to cure your child.”

As part of the signed agreement, Ms Rivera, will no longer be present at seminars or be allowed to sell any of her products in the state Illinois.

Source: Phil Rogers: NBC 5 Chicago news: State Takes Action Against “Miracle Treatment” For Children