State government fines Aetna 4.5 million over autism treatment coverage

image taken from Facebook

image taken from Facebook

St.Louis, MI – A state insurance company has been fined nearly 5 million dollars for violations regarding elective abortion laws and the coverage of autism health benefits.

According to government officials Aetna, one of the state’s largest health insurers, violated 2010 laws mandating payments for autism treatments and services. Rohan Hutchins, a spokesman, states that Aetna effectively told holders that the insurance was option but did not obligate those covered under their policy to either accept or deny added coverage.

Governor Jay Nixon argues that the 4.5 million dollar fine was thus warranted due to the seriousness of the crime against families in need. Nixon further asserts that Aetna and any company operating within the state must adhere to stipulated laws and guidelines regulating their practices. However the company had already received 1.5 million dollars in fines for similar infractions made in 2012 and for not fully auditing its compliance of Missouri insurance laws.

The company will thus be required to review claims of the families that could have been affected and will pay for those that were initially refused at an interest rate of 9%. Stakeholders including Daniel Unumb of Autism Speaks are in full agreement with the government’s decision to levy the fines stating: 

“It’s a huge victory for all families with children with autism.”

 Source: Samantha Liss on the website: State fines Aetna $4.5 million over abortion, autism coverage