March 15, 2017

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Senseez can help parents, teachers, and therapists give kids with Autism or ADHD calming and soothing sensations.

Stephanie is the inventor and owner of Senseez a vibrating pillow that can help kids with sensory issues pay attention, sit for longer periods, and explore new sensations throughout their body.

When her son was 2, he was diagnosed with a special need. One of his difficulties was sitting in one place long enough to eat his meal, read a story, or sit for circle time.

He loved a vibrating mat his OT recommended, but it was large, black, heavy, and had to be plugged in. This made using it in any public place, in the car, or in stressful situations like the hairdresser or dentist difficult or impossible. She was also concerned he would look different or stand out.

To help her son relax whenever he needed to, Stephanie searched for a vibrating cushion that was portable and battery-powered. When she asked friends, colleagues and people working in the special needs community, everyone was incredibly excited about the idea and how it could help kids they knew, but it didn’t exist. So she invented Senseez in 2012.

Stephanie sewed the first sensory pillows in her basement, and gave them to schools and therapy centers. After getting feedback, she hired an engineer to perfect the vibrating mechanism, tested them for safety, and started helping neurodiverse kids!

Coming from the special needs community, she gave back from the start, supporting autism societies with part of the proceeds and working to donate them to families and schools that couldn’t afford them. Today, she continues her work to get children, families, and classrooms the sensory tools they need.



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