Special ‘Blue Man’ performance for families living with autism

Image taken from Facebook

Image taken from Facebook

CHICAGO, IL – With the support of Autism Speaks, The Blue Man Group will make a sensory change, allowing families impacted by autism to attend their performance.  The Blue Man Group will be hosting a special performing at the Briar Street Theatre  on Sunday October 26.

Many children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are unable to connect with the ‘Blue Man‘, Mary Grisolano, the general manager of the Blue Man Group, therefore decided to follow the lead of  Broadway shows, including The Lion King,  in making modifications for those on the autism spectrum and decided to do the same.

Autism Speaks experts helped in the process of making the show ‘autism friendly’ by offering ideas and advice. There is a safe zone where members of the audience can go if they  become overstimulated which feature soft lighting, bean bags and certain areas in the lobby have also been made into quiet areas. Sound levels will be reduced and noise resistant earphones will also be available for those who need them. The staff will be trained by Autism Speaks allowing them to help guests with autism and their families.

Gisolano says,

“Blue Man is such a party and people find such a joy from it. I love that. What I like about it, is any time you make a slight modification that just opens the door for more individuals to come, I’m thrilled.”

Ticket prices are $49 with $5 of each ticket being donated to Autism Speaks. More information about this special event can be found here.

The original article on the Chicago Parent website can be found here