Southeast Missouri State University Autism Center to Host Camp Connect

Capecamp Girardeau, Mo. — The Autism Center for Diagnosis and Treatment at the Southeast Missouri State University is hosting this summer’s Camp Connect.

Camp Connect is a three-week event which will be held especially for children with autism, with the aim of helping them improve both their social and communication skills.

The camp will be holding life skills activities including social and outreach events, which are intended to give the children the chance to reach out to the community; as well as leisure activities that include watching a motion picture at Wehrenberg Cape West 14 Cine, bowling at West Park Lanes, and swimming and floating down the lazy river at Cape Splash.

There are also a variety of other activities that children can take part in during Camp Connect, including playing video games on Nintendo Wiis and Xbox 360s at the camp, playing at the camp’s playground, or participating in arts and crafts activities like creating photo frames, making t-shirts, or creating their own flower pots.

Each child participant at Camp Connect will be accompanied by students pursuing a minor or a certificate in autism at the Southeast Missouri State University.

Source: Justin Flecher: Southeast hosts Connect Camp for kids with autism