Soon to be released film – Just Like You: Autism with video

image taken from the Just Like You Facebook page

image taken from the Just Like You Facebook page

OLATHE, Kan. — The  premiere of the movie, Just Like You Autism, took place on Monday at the AMC Theater in Olathe.

The stars of the show, all of whom are children from the Kansas City area, arrived  by limo.

Just Like You Films is a non-profit film production company that is dedicated to spreading the word that ‘we are more alike than we are different.’  So far they have created four films that all raise awareness surrounding  issues such as Down Syndrome, cancer, and burn victims, Just Like You: Autism, is their fourth film. The films always feature local children who are friends with the individuals going through these life challenges.

Their mission statement reads:

‘The mission of Just Like You Films is to facilitate unique children’s physical and emotional healing by creating an environment of accepting and nurturing peers and caregivers. One way we seek to do this is to help raise the world’s first generation ofchildren who because of their knowledge and familiarity of individuals’unique differences, aremore compassionate and more connected human beings.’

Just Like You: Autism highlights three children who are on the autism spectrum. At the premiere they were joined by friends, who also feature in the film.

Jennifer Smith, Executive Director for the Autism Society of the Heartland told Fox 4 News that the aim of these films is to “understand everyone for their differences.”

Jen Greenstreet, creator of Just Like You: Autism added:

“We truly believe that movies are weapons of mass connection, there’s no more powerful way to connect people than through film, taking a walk in their shoes,”

More than five-hundred people attended Monday’s premiere. The film will next be seen at the Golden Door Festival, sponsored in part by Tommy Hilfiger.

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Below you can view a trailer of the film, Just Like You:Autism