October 4, 2014

footballLenape, PA – A 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism was adopted by the Lenape Soccer Team. Zach Osmun– who was first introduced to the team by TOP soccer as part of an outreach program that aims to provide children with special needs the opportunity to engage in sports– was not only inspired by the local soccer team, but he managed to inspire the team, too.

Zach was first welcomed by the Lenape team last season. They agreed to have him join them again during the summer-league season, and for this season as well. The team was fully aware that they were on the giving end by having Zach in their team for the community outreach program, but little did they know that they were on the receiving end too.

It wasn’t until the opening day for this season’s soccer game that coach Chris Foley and the rest of the Lenape team realized what Zach has been doing for them all along.

That day, Zach presented them with a plaque made from Legos that had the letter ‘L’ as an emblem, and he also wrote an emotional letter for the team. It was through that letter that the Lenape team realized that Zach has been inspiring them as much as they have been inspiring him. In the letter, Zach wrote:

“The ‘L’ on the shirts does not only stand just for Lenape. It stands for love, loyalty and leadership. And I believe that all of those are in us when we put on the shirts. The ‘L’ stands with us whether we’re on that field or on the bench and no matter what. Win or lose, we are a team. A team that will stand tall if the game gets rough, and if we fall, we fall together. That’s what I see when I look at this team. Brothers, friends and to see that is amazing in a large school like this.”

The original article by Phil Anastasia on the Philly.com website can be read here

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