So vaccines are now responsible for homosexuality?

vaccinesVactruth – On 9 December Vactruth an organisation that claims to give powerful information on vaccines!’ posted on their Facebook page the following statement:

“For the readers who have asked this question,

Do you think vaccinating a child with vaccines, that are made up of endocrine disrupting chemicals, can affect the outcome of a person’s sexuality? Homosexuality is found in nature in other species and has occurred in populations long before the advent of vaccines. Some believe vaccines affect sexuality and some don’t. It is known that vaccines do disrupt hormonal function and can cause fertility and thyroid problems, so this is a legitimate question some people want to learn more about.

Below is a link discussing what some doctors have to say on the issue but not in relation to vaccination status. Many people are afraid to bring this topic up and write about it. We know this is on some people’s minds, so please respectfully share your experience.″

As The Spudd website clearly pointed out this was indeed a very bizarre post. What Vactruth were basically asking was if people actually believe that vaccinating their child can make them homosexual? Many of the comments are of those of outrage and anger, including:

‘Most offensive thing I’ve read today.’

‘Wow. So if I was born gay, the vaccines turned me straight?’

‘Um…homosexuality was found to be due to testosterone fluctuations on the sexually dimorphic nucleus, brought on by stress. Demonstrated thoroughly on rats, but not conclusively on humans due to ethical considerations.

And stress like…being hit by a car. Not like a needle in the arm.

Most surprisingly though are those comments that actually agree with this theory, and there are lots of them. Is this because as The Spudd suggest, that these comments were deleted and then the individuals banned? They state:

‘This is a familiar trick employed by anti-vaccine advocates – create an echo chamber on their websites and Facebook pages to make it appear as though everyone agrees with what they are saying.’

mmmm, so there is much food for thought here. Vactruth once again have received much publicity but do I believe that vaccines are responsible for homosexuality? Well once I stop laughing…the answer would have to be no.