Snailday, A Digital Calendar for People With Autism Launches Crowd Funding Campaign

snailSnailday, Stockholm – Anton Håkanson is the Founder and lead designer of Snailday – which is a company that consists of a small but dedicated team of designers and developers who have designed a digital calendar for those people who need it the most.

What is being created by the team is a new kind of schedule that can help individuals with their daily life. In essence the digital calendar “Snailday” will make it easier for people with autism to remember daily routines. Autism Daily Newscast reported on this back in March and you can read the article here.

Snailday have now launched a new crowd funding campaign. Anton says:

“The goal would be to get enough funds to create a new digital autism adapted calendar that is called Snailday which is a digital calendar for people in need of more detailed planning. It could be a great tool for people with autism, but also for those who are absentminded.”

They have released a video in which the creator of Snailday, Anton Håkanson sharers his personal story and why he think tools like Snailday needs to exist. It can be viewed below.

Anton learned to talk very late in life and would draw himself back from friends and family. He found it difficult to be in groups of people and would escape into his own world seeking peace and quiet. In school he had the help of teachers who looked after him to help him concentrate in school and to meet new friends.
He says:

“I didn’t really mind being alone with my own thoughts during school breaks and found it sometimes frustrating with teachers looking after me. But today I’m happy that they where around. I think it helped me find new friends.”

Today Anton has no social difficulties whatsoever but he’s still very happy for the support he got as a child.

“I’m glad that there where people around me supporting me. It helped me grow to the person I am today. Therefore I think it’s very important that there are such help available.”

Anton Håkanson

Anton Håkanson

Anton wanted to create something that could be an extra help for people that might need it.

“I got the idea for Snailday because I can be a bit absent minded myself. Drifting away in my own mind is something I really can relate to.”

He also adds that he would like to make Snailday extra useful for people with autism.

To create Snailday Anton is pledging for support though a new crowd funding campaign.

“If Snailday gets support we could launch a new autism adapted calendar for iPhone and hopefully even for iPad and desktop. This could be a great support for people that might need a extra help.”

To visit the campaign site and maybe support Snailday, visit this link

For more information and current developments about Snailday please visit their Website