July 24, 2014

SmartKidsID‘SmartKidsID helps to reunite a child fast and provides medical information quickly that could possibly save a child’s life!’

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SmartKidsID,  San Diego – was founded by mum of 3 children, Christiana Thieler, who states on the SmartKids website

“I was always looking for something to protect my children while we were away from home. My biggest fear is losing one of my children when we are in a crowd! It just takes a split second! SmartKidsID finally gives me a peace of mind and I can give my children more space to explore – I know that my children can seek help from others now!”

Autism Daily Newscast had the great pleasure of contacting Christiana and were able to ask her some questions.

We had read that Christiana had decided to start the company as she has 3 children who like to be very independent. We asjed her if there had been a particular incident that had inspired her  to create the ID bracelets?

Christiana explained that they had visited Disneyland for her sons 5th birthday party, her youngest daughter was only 2 at the time and this made her think abut what could happen if she were to be separated form her children.

“When we planned a trip to Disneyland California for my sons 5th birthday I was busy preparing lunch, sun protection etc. – but forgot thinking about the safety of my kids! Police always recommends putting an ID on your child, but have you ever really thought about it? And being a busy mom I am more of a spontaneous decision maker : ) So I totally forgot about it until we came closer to the park and crowds started pushing us towards the entrance. My head started spinning and I was kind of freaking out – I was holding my daughters and son’s hand really tight! – What should I do when we get separated? – How can they get back to me? How can they seek help?”

So this, Christiana told us, was the start of SmartKidsID.

SmartKidsID offers products to protect your child on-the-go. Important and possibly lifesaving information about your child is easily accessible to every helper or first responder.

SmartKidsID works on QR-Code technology. Every  SmartKidsID product has its own unique QR-Code that can be directly connected to a child’s individual profile page. The below video explains more about how the ID bracelet works:

The website states:

“Our main goal is to protect our children! All ID information that is provided by the parent or guardian is kept safe and can individually be marked as private or public when you create your child’s profile. Just the information you mark as “public” is the information that will be visible for first responders or helpers after scanning the QR-Code.”

SmartKids2We put forward to Christiana that  many children and young people with autism do wander and there have been many reported fatalities due to this. We therefore asked her what response she had received from the wider autism community.

Christiana told:

“The response from the Autism Community is amazing!! I can’t even express how happy it makes me to be able to keep kids with autism safe! Parents thank me and hug me for doing this and making SmartKidsID available to their kids for such an amazing price and with no membership fees etc.”

She also added that the popularity of the bracelets within the autism community came as a complete surprise to her and that before she set the company up, she knew very little about autism.

“It’s amazing that what I created can be such a relief for parents of kids with autism.

“I honestly didn’t know much about autism that time – but I have gotten so much positive feedback from the Autism Community – it feels amazing to know that I am doing the right thing!”

Christiana also expresses how beneficial the bracelets are to those children who are pre verbal and on the autistic spectrum. The system has the added benefit of being able to upload as much information as the parent or carer desires about their child’s medical condition.
Having seen the beautifully designed bracelets we were interested to find out how they were received by children:

” I have gotten lots of positive feedback about the great colors. Kids love it and I actually just got an email from a dad today he told me that his kids loved the bracelets so much that they were fighting over it : ) I also had parents tell me that their kids don’t want to take them off at night because they were so proud of it. It’s so sweet!”

SmartKids4Christiana also wanted to convey how very important it is that parents take the time to talk to their children about how they can use their  bracelet to seek help and also of how they can be reunited with their parents quickly.

We asked Christiana to explain to us the process of what happens when a child is reported missing and the role that the bracelet plays in reuniting parent and child.

” If your child is wearing a SmartKidsID you can’t “track” your child. It is more to keep the child safe the other way around. The child can now seek help and the helper will be informed right away about any emergency information he needs – it can be the emergency contacts or also medical information. And if the QR Code is scanned with a Smartphone, the account holder will get the GPS location of the child, if the location setting of the phone allows it.”

We were also interested to find out if Christiana had a  particular success story to share with us,  where a child has been found due to you a SmartKidsID  bracelet. Chrustiana told that there has not been an incident as yet, as far as she knows but she told the following story about an incident that happened at  Kids Expo  in San Diego in April.

“I went with my company and the child was NOT wearing it. A little girl was lost and the organizer advised his staff to bring the girl to me. I told them that I can’t really do anything because she was not wearing a SmartKidsID. I was able to distract her a little with lots of prizes and candies, but she was still shaking and crying though. It took the dad about 25 minutes to find his little girl and you need to know that staff were also looking the same time for the “searching parents” So the dad came running to my booth and hugged his little girl and was so happy to have her back and he said: This just cost me 10 years of my life!!  I don’t even want to think how the mom was feeling since she was still searching the time he found her!”

SmartKids3Christiana then added:

“And I told him that it had just taken me about 10 seconds to get his phone number and call him if she had worn a SmartKidsID .”

We thanked Christiana for taking the time to answer our questions and she needed by saying:

“I am so happy to contribute to the safety of our children with SmartKidsID!”

Christiana is a vocal advocate in sharing how to keep children safe when ‘out and about’ and has written the following, on how to keep  children  safe who tend to wander. You can read her article on the Digital Journal website here

You can listen to an interview with Christiana on the All About Autism News Podcast.

The SmartKidsID website can be found here

You can also follow them on Facebook and twitter

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About the author 

Jo Worgan

Jo Worgan is a published author, writer and blogger. She has a degree in English Literature. She writes about life with her youngest son who is on the autistic spectrum. Jo tweets (@mummyworgan) and is also a freelance columnist for the Lancaster Guardian. ‘My Life with Tom, Living With Autism‘ is her second book and a culmination of her blog posts, and available on Kindle now, along with her first book, Life on the Spectrum. The Preschool years.

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