Sarah McLachlan will participate in Surfer’s Healing’s 2014 fundraiser

Sarah McLachlan will participate in Surfer’s Healing’s 2014 “A Night to Benefit Autism” fundraiser taking place on January 18th at The Strand Beach Club in Dana Point, California from 4:40 – 8:30pm.

Autism Daily Newscast first wrote about Surfer’s Healing back in September,

The history of Surfers Healing is just as inspiring as seeing kids on the autism spectrum enjoy a thrilling activity to boost their confidence and bolster their sense of determination to do things they might not have thought possible. The founders of Surfer’s Healing, Israel and Danielle Paskowitz found out about their son’s diagnosis of autism when he was three years old. Their son, Isaiah, like many children with autism, struggled with sensory overload, except when he was by the ocean.

jbrowneIsrael Paskowitz had been a professional surfer and came up with the idea of taking Isaiah out on the waves. The experiment proved so valuable for Isaiah’s growth that the Paskowitz’s established an organization that would host day camps at the beach so other children with autism could benefit the way Isaiah had.

Jackson Browne tweeted yesterday, that he will be joining McLachlan for the fundraiser.

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