Sam Trapnell an Autistic Young Man from Georgia uses his Love of Reading to Help Children


Sam Trapnell 21, Ringgold, Georgia – is at present unable to find paid work but is using his love of reading to help children.

Sam volunteers at Catoosa County Library in Ringgold and Barnes & Noble at Hamilton Place. At both venues he sits and reads to children.

His mother Jayne Trapnell is reported in the as saying that Sam’s great passion is reading and that when he reads everyone listens.

Mary Anne Hendricks, who is the youth services coordinator at Catoosa County Library System, told that Sam started working as a volunteer in the library last spring. At first Sam was uncomfortable with the children listening, she adds:

“But with practice each week, he started to develop his own dynamic way of making the stories come alive. He was great at changing his voice and making animal sounds.”

If Sam is familiar with the book he is reading he can recite it without looking at the pages.
Kelly Flemings, who is the community relations manager at Barnes & Noble Hamilton Place, has set up special reading opportunities for Sam in which to showcase his talent.

She says:

“Sam is one of the best storytellers I have ever been fortunate to hear read,” Flemings says. “When we invited him to read ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas,’ it was extraordinary. He had a special Grinch voice as well as Cindy Lou Who. He impresses me even more every time I hear him read. He’s phenomenal.”

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