RyanAir make embarrassing Autism payout

RYANAIRRyanAir have made a donation to Autism Ireland just days after they asked two volunteers for the charity to print out their boarding passes before embarking on a fundraising venture.

The incident happened on September 21 in Dublin airport, and two cyclists were forced to hand over 70 Euros each for boarding their bicycles onto the plane. The indecent came just days after RyanAir’s Chief Executive Michael O’Leary vowed to “be nice to customers”.

The cyclists were going to Croatia, in a bid to raise funds for Autism Ireland on a pre-planned charity cycle around the country.

Mr O’Leary states on September 20:

“we have to improve significantly those aspects of our customer service that irritate people. They irritate us as well”.

Adding:  “Some of our policies are implemented with a degree of robustness that isn’t warranted”.

This morning the budget airline apologised publicly for the bungle via social networking site Twitter, announcing that they were going to donate an amount of money to the charity:


However, he did compliment the airline staff and claimed: “they tried to do everything they could”.

It is not yet known how much the donation was.