Ryan Clark who has Asperger’s Syndrome qualifies as young martial arts instructor

Great Sankey, Warrington, UK – Ryan Clark, 16 who has Asperger’s Syndrome has qualified as a young instructor for Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Academy classes in Warrington and Widnes.

Ryan tried martial arts for the first time a decade ago.

Owner Steve James said that Ryan has overcome many hurdles in his life but that one goal is to run his own martial arts school. He then added:

“After completing his instructor training, he’s now on his way to achieving that.”

Ryan’s mum Ellen said that he started his training in 2004 when he was a nervous little boy without much confidence.

“He is now a confident, well-respected young man because Steve and his team have helped him to achieve so much.”

The Community News Group report that Ryan reached third-dan black belt status in mixed martial arts at the town’s Peace Centre earlier in the month. He plans to start training for fourth dan when he turns 21.

James said:

“When Ryan first started, his condition stopped him getting to grips with working in a big group and he’s had challenging times. Practicing martial arts has given him the confidence to get through that and he’s gone on to compete in front of hundreds of people.”

The original article on the Community News Group can be read here