Russian Opera diva Anna Netrebko speaks candidly about son’s autism

Russian opera babe Anna Netrebko has spoken out in a  candid interview about her son’s autism and some very personal aspects of her life.

Speaking on a Russian programme called “Let them Talk”, in her most revealing interview to date the 42 year old explains that her son Tiago has a mild form of autism, which was diagnosed when he was almost three.

She said:

“We noticed that sometimes you start talking to him, and he does not respond. And so it began. For me it was a shock. I was scared, but doctors quickly reassured me that it can be treated.

“I want to say to women who have autistic children, that they should not be afraid, it can all be developed up to normal standards, that children should go to school and study.”

Tiago was seen by specialist paediatricians  in New York and now attends a mainstream school.

Netrebko who recently separated from long term partner bass/baritone Erwin Schrott, says that Tiago is coping well.