Runners World Cover Contest – Alex Shneider

AlexAlex Shneider,is severly autistic and pre verbal. in November last year he ran in the New York Marathon, along with his twin brother, Jamie, for the full 26.2 miles. Autism Daily Newscast reported on this story and it can be read here.

Robyn Schneider, Alex’s mother, recently contacted us and shared with us that Alex has been entered into the Runners World Cover Contest and we wanted to share this with you.

The Runners World voting page has information provided by Robyn and states that

‘Alex ran his personal best of 3:14:36 in the 2013 NYC Marathon, but I believe he would be most proud that he saved me from almost certain injury at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Alex crossed the finish line in 3:23:22, causing me to leave the front row of the grandstands to meet up with him and his running guides. I had been seated directly across from where the bombs exploded shortly thereafter. Ironically, he has no concept of the effects of his triumphant finish.’

The Runners World voting page also explains why running is important to Alex, stating that;

Running is the sole place that Alex can go where his autism is not front and center. He has to overcome unimaginable obstacles and challenges to do the most favorite thing in his life. He loves running in and of itself. He is unaware of how gifted he is…’

To view the Runners World voting page and to vote for Alex to be on the front cover of the December issue, please click here