Rosewater – movie based on true story but not that well told

rosewaterFilm and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

A journalist is detained in Iran for more than 100 days and brutally interrogated in prison.

I like the movies based off of true stories but some are told better than others. Maziar Bahari traveled home to Tehran and was arrested for saying Western journalists were spies. They took him to Evin prison where they tortured him and threatened to kill him. His wife had organized a Release Maziar Bahari campaign. It was on the news and in magazines. Hillary Clinton had spoken about it. He was kicked, punched, slapped repeatedly, and hit by a belt. I liked how he was talking to his dad and sister while he was alone in his cell. They kept him in solitary confinement and constantly interrogated him. I liked that he wrote you are not alone on the wall for the next person. I didn’t understand why he needed to keep the blindfold on.