Rising Tide Car Wash employ individuals with autism – update

CC BY-NC-ND by JPetram

CC BY-NC-ND by JPetram

Florida – Most of the employees at this car wash are on the autistic spectrum. John D’Eri co-founded Rising Tide Car Wash to give his son, who has autism, autism spectrum, a way to earn money and to build a community.

D’Eri came up with the idea two years ago when he was driving through a car wash. Autism Daily Newscast reported at length on this story back in October of 2013. (Video included.)

The repetitive nature of the car wash is perfect for those on the autism spectrum who tend to gravitate toward repetitive behavior. D’Eri spent almost two years testing the right systems to use and devising a training protocol.

He employs 35 men who have been diagnosed with some form of autism.

An updated article by Harry Smith on the NBC News website can be read here