Retired race horses provide therapy for children with autism

image gtaken from the Square Peg Foundation Facebook page

image gtaken from the Square Peg Foundation Facebook page

SAN MATEO, CA – The perfect combination; racehorses too old to race and children with special needs. Children and animals go together so it is no wonder it is a perfect match; the combination of donated and rescued horses and children with special needs finding each other.

A race track exerciser started a small program ten years ago where children with special needs could ride non-competitively. A non profit organization was formed called Square Peg. According to Rachel Bassalion, volunteer coordinator and assistant trainer;

“ Some horses are as misunderstood as kids. They live in isolation. People don’t take time to talk or get to know them. Kids see this and they feel safe, comfortable and included. The horses seem to understand, too, and they take to these kids.”

Rescue horses seem to know just what each child needs. Their rhythmic gaits help draw out communication from children with verbal and social challenges. This is truly an amazing concept. A place for rescued horses whose lives still have value working with children whose lives also have value. Here they both received the love, respect and a chance to happily interact.

More information about the Square Peg Foundation can be found by clicking here

Source: Sue Lempert on the Daily Journal website: Rescue horses and autistic kids