Researcher Dr. Victoria Hallet, studying twins and autism

VHallettProfiles in Brief – Dr. Victoria Hallet

Dr. Hallet’s ongoing research focuses on exploring the association between autism spectrum conditions and anxiety difficulties, using behavioural genetic and physiological techniques.

Dr. Hallet first began her work on twins and autism while working on her PhD in 2009 at Kings College at the University of London, UK.  She has continued her research over the past four years with numerous publications as lead researcher and as contributor on many others. Her latest work is an article this month in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders and looks at the connection between anxiety and autism as well as the relationship between genetics versus the environment.

Autism Daily Newscast was looking for some background information to report on this research.  Apart from the publication this year of two articles about autism and twins, Autism Daily Newscast had a great deal of difficulty finding any references about Dr. Hallet. We did find out a few things but decided to respect her obvious preference for privacy. Instead we have decided to select Dr. Victoria Hallet  as our first Profiles in Brief, Unsung Hero.


For an excellent layperson’s description of her recent research we recommend the following article “Studying twins yields new insights into autism and anxiety” from Prevention Action Org.


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