March 12, 2017

QRCodeid-LogoOne of the most common worries among parents of children with autism is safety. Since children with autism struggle with communicating their desires and problems, there is a tendency for them to run off. Moreover, their limitations on communication may prove a difficulty not only for them but also for rescuers and people who find them when they wander. They may not be able to answer crucial questions when asked, and this might mean prolonged rescue.

It becomes dangerous when a child with autism runs away. He or she becomes vulnerable to accidents and people who may take advantage of the situation. There are available safety measures being used today such as door locks and advanced home security system, but if unfortunately the child got away with these, the most reliable safety measure is that which is withthe child or adult with ASD.

Autism Daily Newscast has reported on a number of methods and products to help locate ASD children who tend to wander.

QR Code iD is designed to prevent wandering. It is a technologically advanced system which keeps highly important data about the wearer.

QR Code iD may be put on customized shirts, pins, and buttons. It holds information that the owner has chosen to put in it. For example, the parent of the child with autism can put in it his contact number and the child’s full name in it. If the child wanders off, the QR Code iD can be scanned using a smartphone or a tablet to access important data. This is a reliable system to aid rescuers and ordinary citizens alike during cases of wandering. It also guarantees efficiency as anyone can access data allowed by the owner in any computer or internet-powered device.

Apart from wandering, the QR Code iD may also be used to communicate necessary information the child’s therapist or caregiver. The parent may manually go into the website of QR Code iD and put details about his child’s therapy, routine, medication, and personal information. These inputs can be changed as often as you want, even in real time if necessary.

A parent may opt to be particular about what information other people can access. If they want to have certain data accessed by the caregiver only, a password can be added to protect the information. This works best when caregivers need to know about the dietary and medication needs of the child. On the other hand, basic details such as name of the child and contact details can be provided to let anyone use the data in case of emergencies. This will help the rescuers in what type of first aid or assistance to provide the child with special needs.

There are artists specifically employed to make unique and original artworks for customized orders.

More information can be found on the QR Code iD web site:

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