Psychologist tells court that man accused of murder has Asperger’s syndrome

courtGlasgow – Luke Quinn45  is accused of murdering Simon Richardson, 45 in a city centre street on November 10 2013. He was allegedly punched after having been knocked to the ground and then stamped on. He later died due to internal bleeding.

A jury at the High Court in Glasgow were given evidence from Prof Thomas MacKay, a psychologist who told that he believes Mr Quinn has Asperger’s syndrome.

  “I have no doubt about it and it is something he has had since birth.”

Prof MacKay also added that Mr Quinn told him that he did not like to touch people or to be touched.

“He said a hand on the back was one thing because he knew people did that. But he said he was being touched in a way he found increasingly uncomfortable and threatening.

The jury viewed CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

Mr Quinn denies murder, the trail continues.

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