Profiles in Brief – Jessa Melcer great high school athlete

Santa Cruz, California – Autistic Teen Jessa Melcer an major asset for her Soquel High girls water polo team.

Melcer is the subject of a local paper report yesterday entitled: “Autism a blessing, curse for Soquel High water polo player Jessa Melcer” The article has been picked up and syndicated widely.

The report provides an excellent coverage of Melcer, her challenges and how team members assist in her being a major part of the team. However, nowhere is it clear why autism is either a curse or a blessing. Great headline but poor reporting.

18 year old Melcer was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and a half and taught herself to swim at age 4.  She enjoys swimming, bodyboards and skateboards .  When asked what she likes about water polo she says,

“Games. Defense and score, good. Like the cheers.”

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinal